James Hepburn, Lord Bothwell

Once upon a time I had a huge website at http://www.lordbothwell.co.uk. Then along came the big bad host, and took all my pages away – I remain fairly clueless as to why, but although I still own the domain name, the site is no more. I would upload everything again, but I didn’t back it up (I know, I know) and the original files are lost on a computer currently residing in a skip somewhere. A small portion of the original site files do exist on a floppy disc, so I have decided to upload them to a blog site, as a back-up if I ever make the website again, and to make me feel a bit better about the whole thing if I don’t.

You see, I feel strongly that James Patrick Hepburn, Fourth Earl of Bothwell, third husband of Mary Queen of Scots, has been very badly treated by history. Yes, he was a womaniser, he was ambitious, and he had his own moral code and way of going about things – none of which is a crime. He was also loyal to a fault, honest and un-bribeable. All of which meant that he was a thorn in the side of the Scottish nobles of the day. That is probably why history has judged him so harshly – the words of said nobles have been taken at face value, without a lot of thought on the facts. Did Bothwell kill Darnley? NO. Did he rape Mary Stuart? NO. Was he a coward, who fled from battle at Carberry Hill? NO!

This blog exists to redress the balance now that the website (possibly temporarily) cannot.


2 Responses to About

  1. Lesley Prior says:

    A Danish friend has just visited Dragsholm and Fårevejle – she has sent me some pictures of what is believed to be Bothwell’s tomb etc – I can send these on if you would like them?


    • glitterfluff says:

      Hi Lesley, sorry for the late reply, I didn’t notice the notifications section on here, duuuur! I have some photos from when I visited there, but that was in the 90s, so if your friend visited more recently I would love to see the photos if that is ok? In fact, I’d like to see them anyway, cos I love everything Bothwell related! 🙂 Thanks in advance, but don’t worry if you can’t do it for any reason, I am so annoyed I didn’t see this sooner! x


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